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What Our Clients Say

"A person living with a neurological disorder can find their world confusing and overwhelming. Sanctuary Care staff are able to make this person feel safe, heard and still respected as an active member of our community. The company leads with person at the forefront and not a person’s medical conditions, thereby providing a “can do” attitude to even our most vulnerable citizens."

Tricia Davison

Younger Onset Dementia Support Coordinator

Dementia Australia

"When our family friend was discharged from hospital, although they were advised by the Medical Professionals to go into an Aged Care facility, they simply did not want to. They wanted to be in the comfort of their own home. As a result, we engaged Sanctuary Care to provide the support for them to stay at home. Kristine and the rest of the team have gone above and beyond to help our family friend remain in their own home with the safety and necessary care services and support."

Max Alfieri

Sanctuary Cove

"My husband Bill has acquired Brain Injury (22 years ago) as well as onset dementia. I have had no external support during that time but now, because we chose Kristine's care company to assist us, we have two lovely ladies, Pat and Camila, to visit Bill each morning to chat and give him meals and morning tea, and also take him our if he want. This can sometimes be a daunting experience but they are trained to handle any situation that may arise and since July have made Bill's life much more interesting and my life a lot less stressful!"

Vicki Knight


"Kristine came into my life after my accident. She was compassionate and professional - helping me rehabilitate in so many ways. I absolutely recommend her."

Rosie Horton

Sanctuary Cove

"Since engaging with Kristine I have found her professionalism and knowledge a tremendous help, well above our expectations, and her dedication to my requirements in walking most sincere. Her medical qualifications are most obvious and I feel I am experiencing very positive results. I would recommend Kristine as a caring service provider"

Bob Hagar

Sanctuary Cove

"I have Cerebral Palsy and needing support and assistance on my day to day life. I found Sanctuary Care through my NDIS Care Coordinator Sue. I have been with Sanctuary Care for 4.5 months and they have been quick to assist me in anything I needed. The Support Workers Shane and Kevin are very helpful, caring, trustworthy, and sensitive to my needs. I started with them 2 days a week to 5 days a week in a space of 4 months as I enjoy their company, their support and encouragement especially on tough days. Its great to know I can trust them which I couldn't find before in any other provider."

Tyrone Polsoni


"Kristine and her wonderful team look after my mother on a regular basis. The dedication, positive attitude and professional care is outstanding. It is a great service to have in the Cove. I highly recommend Sanctuary Care."

Lynne Hattie

Sanctuary Cove

"My mother and father have ben blessed with care from the amazing Sanctuary Care. They are incredibly lucky to have such great local service, run locally by the wonderful Kristine. My parents (and I) have benefited greatly from both her super efficient management skills and her nursing qualifications. I couldn't recommend the service more and I'm happy for Kristine to provide you with my phone number to discuss our experience with you personally."

Charlie Fancutt

Sanctuary Cove

"I have found with age and health problems life has become very difficult. Since learning of Kristine's health care team and using them life has become so much better. I can only highly recommend their caring and efficient services that they have given to me and would be lost without them in my daily life. Many thanks to you Kristine and your great team."

Paddy Jack

Sanctuary Cove

"Marina looks after Greig who has younger onset dementia at the Aged Care Facility. She has been wonderful! She is such a dedicated, caring and amazing support worker! We are truly blessed to have her working with Greig. Thank you Kristine for finding and matching her with Greig!"

Joy Francis


"I would like to express my appreciation to Sanctuary Care staff for the remarkable improvement in my Father's wellbeing in both the physical and mental aspect. His health has improved due to the provision of a good home cooked meal each week night and company provided while he has his dinner. The kind attention provided by Angela and Pat has improved his outlook on life and I would recommend Sanctuary Care to anyone considering assistance either on a temporary or permanent basis."

Richard Rendle

Sanctuary Cove

"My husband has Early Onset Alzheimer's. Kristine from Sanctuary Care has matched him up with Chris. We are very grateful for Chris's professional caring. He is very empathetic, adaptable and now a real part of our family."

Michelle Templeton

"Following an operation on his leg my husband needed the dressing changed daily with care to be taken to avoid infection. I called Kristine to enquire if she could help. She made an appointment and arrived the same day. Kristine's knowledge and professional care has greatly assisted my husband to make a swift recovery. Her compassion and sympathetic nature are all part of her professionalism. We are extremely grateful to Kristine for all she has done and we highly recommend her exceptional service."

Karen Keough

Hope Island

"Since we started utilising the services provided by the friendly Sanctuary Care team, we have found them to be kind, reliable, honest and clean in all that they do. Most importantly, they are respectful to myself and my husband, demonstrating genuine care for our well-being. The care they provide is from the heart making my husband feel really cared for. I would highly recommend Sanctuary Care for all your Home Care needs."

Ruth Naeger

Sanctuary Cove

"After my stroke, I felt my life was spiralling down and out of my control. I was elated to find Kristine and her team who are always there for me medically and emotionally.

I am truly blessed."

Louise Manning

Hope Island

"The care and understanding of the friendly experienced staff is great. Shane, my husband's carer/ supervisor/ companion is great with him. My husband also had Pat who was a lovely, caring and understanding lady. Kristine who runs Sanctuary Care is very experienced and listens to you, which is what you want from them. My husband suffers from early onset dementia with severe vision problems so Sanctuary Care has been a great help."

Laura Richardson


"Kristine and her team have been awesome. They came into my brothers life at a difficult time and have been there for him and the rest of the family. Their caring and professionalism shines through and they go beyond the call of duty to provide the best care for him. I highly recommend Sanctuary Care to anyone."

Sally Thompson


"Since my disabled son and I have met Kristine - Sanctuary Care - we have had several occasions when we needed support/help, sometimes even at short notice. And what a pleasure it was to have Jackie and Andreia take care of us. Kristine and her support team are reliable and friendly, we are very happy to have Sanctuary Care on our side."

Beate and Stephen Goodall


"Andreia has been a trusted Carer and has provided excellent assistance to Lorraine for medical help and maintenance support. I highly recommend Sanctuary Care to anyone needing care support at home."

Dennis Benbow

Sanctuary Cove

"Sanctuary Care has been referred to me by Aged Care Decisions as a home care package provider for my wife Jennifer. After meeting with Kristine and organising our weekly support visits by the wonderful staff, Jennifer looks forward to these routines. On Mondays, she is taken out for a scenic drive somewhere and have a coffee or a picnic with Kelly. She enjoys her Wednesday massage by Hessa and loves her pampering session and Friday bake off with Melissa. We are very happy with the services provided by Sanctuary Care. I feel I can rely on someone if I need any help and support."

Norman Carmont

Mermaid Waters


After our beloved Mother became ill, we engaged the services of Kristine and her team at Sanctuary Care. From the initial contact, scheduling and ongoing care and support over the past 4 months we have been extremely happy with all aspects of this in-home service.  Both the carer and registered nurse sent to us have provided truly wonderful care.  They are very professional but also share their warmth and empathy with Mum, and they have really eased our stress during this very difficult time.  Our family would not hesitate to recommend the team at Sanctuary Care to anyone who is looking for the best care for their loved ones.


                           The Rose Family

                             Sanctuary Cove

My wife and I have found Christine extremely helpful especially dealing with the my aged care system. Would definitely recommend her to anybody. Thank you for your help.

Huibert Dubbelman


I am impressed with the care and expertise given by Sanctuary Care to date. Kristine, the founder is very knowledgeable and helpful and her staff are well qualified.

Summers Family

Sovereign Islands

Kristine and her staff have been fantastic and I highly recommend their services. We have been really impressed with how approachable and professional they are. Thank you Kristine and the team.

Timothy Kwast

Hope Island

Cannot recommend Kristine and her team enough., thank you for supporting our family during this challenging time. Great service, high quality carers and helpful advice for extended support networks in the area of age and dementia care.

Kilpatrick Family

Sanctuary Cove